Managing AI & Analytics Transformations the Way your Brain Works

Managing AI & Analytics Transformations the Way your Brain Works.

I was thrilled to speak at the Chief Data Analytics Officer in Singapore and to meet some of the most brilliant data professionals in Asia. Thank you very much to Megan CampbellKate Tappin and Jonathan Catling for the opportunity.

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Managing AI & Analytics Transformations the Way your Brain Works

In its immense complexity, artificial intelligence is like human intelligence. Effective analytics teams in business interact in the same way as our nervous system does to enable human intelligence:

  • Analytics Organization: data professionals are like neurons in our brain, which organise cognitive and analytical functions akin to an analytics organizational chart. Leaders need to understand analytics roles, hiring and retention techniques, organizational models and the role of the Chief Data Officer
  • Data-driven culture: culture is like the reptilian brain, the oldest part of our brain, whose primary role is reflexresponses, not rational thinking. Relevant topics include building data-centric culture, managing cultural clash, managing people and robots, as well as data ethics.
  • Analytics Strategy is like the neo-cortex, the part of our brain which allows us to develop complex thoughts. Leaders need to define a use case-driven analytics and A.I. roadmap and get buy-in for it.
  • Analytics Execution is like an agile human nervous system which reaches all parts of the body. Relevant topics are managing an experimental project portfolio, agile methodology, metrics and governance.

Successfully managing a team through an analytics and artificial intelligence transformation requires skills and philosophies different from managing other groups of talented professionals. It is wise to be aware of potential trade-offs when it comes to defining the right organization, culture, strategy and execution.

Disclaimer: Opinions in the article do not represent the ones endorsed by the author’s employer.

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